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Frequently Asked Questions

List of common questions we are asked. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text (678) 680-4789


  • Do you buy cars and trucks with bad engine or motors ?  YES

  • Do you buy cars or trucks with bad or slipping transmission ?  YES

  • Do you buy cars or trucks with check engine light on ?  YES

  • Do you buy cars or trucks with damaged differential ?  YES

  • Do you buy cars or trucks with Catalytic converter, DEF, DPF, EGR problems ?  YES


We buy cars and trucks in any condition. i.e. slipping transmission, shot transmission, transmission that won't go in gear, or move forward. Engine problems: Blown engine, blown head, head gasket, locked engine, shot motors. 


  • Can I sell my car or truck without certificate of title ?  YES

  • Is my car or truck worth more if I found the certificate of title ?  YES

  • Do I need a title to scrap my car if it's 11 years old or newer?  YES

We can buy your vehicle without a title if you lost the title.  Tell us why you don't have the title, and if it can legally be sold we will glad to give you a quote for your car. 


  • Can I sell my car or truck while impounded ?  YES

  • Can I sell my car or truck while at a repair shop ?  YES

  • Can I have the buyer pay impound lot ?  YES


Yes, we will pay an impound lot to release your vehicle, and purchase it from you in cash as long as the fee's don't exceed our purchase price.  We will need your drivers license, proof of ownership, and the invoice amount form the impound lot. 


  • Can I sell my car or truck without keys ?  YES

  • Can I get more money for my car if I found the keys ?  YES

  • Can I sell my car or truck with missing parts ?  YES

  • Can I sell my car or truck without tires ?  YES

Yes, we can buy a car without keys. As long as our tow truck can get pull it out, and you have a title, we will purchase the vehicle. We can pull the vehicle out of your garage without keys, or even out of your backyard. 


  • My car or truck broke down on the highway, can you buy it there ?  YES

  • Can you pick up my car or truck the same day ?  YES


Yes, we will come out on the highway to buy the vehicle as long as it's pulled to an emergency lane. Please note: we will not pay for the vehicle unless you have keys, proof of ownership, and your drivers license present. 

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